Steel Pier by Sharack

Finishing up on the Boardwalk Painting has required many buildings and details.  Here's a glimpse of one of the final buildings, based off of the Steel Pier from the 1920's.

Moonrise Kingdom Screen Shot Study by Sharack

I was flicking through channels and caught Moonrise Kingdom playing.  I watched for about five minutes before this frame came up and knew I needed to try and paint it.

I don't think i would have ever thought of these colors on my own.  Having fun with a new brush in Photoshop to try and mimic it.

Earlier Tonight by Sharack

This is a view from my office window.  I rarely get to see this view since I live next to a school and the children are outside on recess for most of the day acting like horrible tiny people.  But this evening, I decided to open the windows up to paint this yellow house I love so much.  Digital paint in Photoshop CS6.

Happy Mother's Day Card 2013 by Sharack

There's a bunch of yucca trees around the property and I love how saturated the leaves get in the afternoon sun.  When the little white flowers bloom, hummingbirds are never far behind.  Done in Photoshop CS6 and turned into sepia tones below.

Babette's Sketchbook Notes by Sharack

Babette's was a supper and night club on the Boardwalk.  The interior bar was shaped like an old river boat.  Since I am unable to show the interiors in this painting, I decided to bring the idea out front.