Sorry for Some Deleted Comments by Sharack

My apologies to the last 50 people who have left me comments.  I mistakenly deleted them this morning and once you do that, Blogger has no way of retrieving them.  I always appreciate the time you make to look at the blog, let alone comment.  So please keep the comments and critiques coming.


Some More Old Man and the Sea by Sharack

Updated version of Santiago Rests.  When he wakes, he will embark on his journey out to sea.

Santiago Lives!  A work in progress for the last shot of the book.  Manolin, after seeing Santiago's wrecked skiff and fully devoured Marlin, runs up to Santiago's shack to see him resting peacefully in bed.

House in the Franklin Hills on Franklin Ave by Sharack

This is another house in the neighborhood.  I love the use of all the different materials.  Sat outside and sketched for an hour, then brought back and colored in Photoshop. I tried a different digital painting technique using only the Lasso Tool and Paint Bucket.

Les and His Writer Pals by Sharack

A birthday present for a good friend - Les with his favorite playwrights.  From (screen) left to right: Tony Kushner, August Wilson, Sophocles, Les, Tennessee Williams, Harold Pinter and Shakespeare.

House on Rowena, Los Feliz by Sharack

Been spending a lot of time working digitally in the studio.  Finally had some free time to sketch the other day before the rains came.  This is a super fun house in the neighborhood - look at them roof lines.  Really fun to draw.

Contest Submission - Updated by Sharack

One of my favorite house DJ's, Sasha, is having a contest for future label artwork.  It's being run through Talent House.  My submission was conceived, inked and colored in Photoshop over the course of 12 hours.  If you think it deserves your vote, please follow the link below.  Thanks!

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone (if anyone) that took the time to vote.  My entry did not win the popular vote, but it did win the grand prize, personally picked by the DJ himself!  I am completely honored and excited to have be given this opportunity to work with one of the best in his field.

Into the 1920's We Go by Sharack

Started a new painting.  It will be set a little later than my previous paintings, 1920's instead of the late 1800's.  Looking forward to many of the fun transportation vehicles of the period..